Nancy Bowers: Editor/Writer/Researcher

Nancy Bowers

Nancy Bowers is a trained historian and researcher with years of life experiences in writing and criminal justice.

While earning Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Literature and History and a Doctorate in English and Film Studies, she learned how to pursue her two passions — history and intriguing narratives.

A long stint in a police department and assisting other law enforcement prepared her for dealing with the unthinkable.

Researching and writing four historical biographies honed her storytelling, while a strong sense of right and wrong directs her pursuit of justice.

There are no lists for victims of historic murders. A majority of those featured on this site were tracked down by Nancy and David Jindrich through years of poring over old newspapers, county history volumes, and historical and genealogical materials.

Although she has put in 12-15 hours a day for many of the last few years working on historic Iowa murder cases, she has not been an employee of any organization or business nor received any salary or realized any monetary profit from her research and writing about unsolved homicides.

Nancy donates her time and energy to this website, working just for the victims and their descendants. The only spotlight she seeks is the one that illuminates victims of unsolved Iowa murders.

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