Beyond 1965: Selected Unsolved Iowa Murders


Iowa Unsolved Murders: Historic Cases documents Iowa homicides in which victims did not receive justice between the time Iowa became a state and 1965.

However, Nancy Bowers and David Jindrich have also researched and written articles about other victims and murders chronologically beyond that time-frame.

Some of these articles grew out of personal study, some have special meaning to them as historians, and others were suggested by family members or law enforcement.

This section does not provide a comprehensive documentation of Iowa unsolved murders after 1965 but rather offers access to selected cases.

Click on a title below to read about defenseless victims, heartless killers, and unfathomable motives — and thwarted justice for victims and their families.

This is the only legally authorized site for the research and articles that follow.


Crossing the Line: Murder of Arlene Adler 1967 Written by David Jindrich

Death at the Chamberlain: Murder of Judy Ann Corbin 1967

“Heaven Is My Home”: Murder of Gloria Slump 1967

Death at the Dairy: Murder of Dale Redman 1968

Death of the American Dream: Murder of Andrew Hatges 1968

Destination Unknown: Murder of Geraldine Maggert 1968

A Story Yet to be Told: Murder of Sheila Jean Collins 1968

Appointment With Death: Murder of Dorothy Miller 1969

Foul Play: Murder of Paula Oberbroeckling 1970

Long Creek Close to Home: Murder of Mary Lange 1970

Shooting at “Ike’s Peak”: Murder of Edwin Jacobs 1972

Stingiest Man In Town: Murder of Edward Schmidt 1972

The Neighborhood Grocer: Murder of David R. Morris 1973

Sarah Ann Ottens: A Remembrance and Tribute by David Jindrich

Crossing the Line: Murder of Arlene Adler 1967 Written by David Jindrich

Spring Break Killer: Murder of Sarah Ann Ottens 1973

The Gruff Good Man: Murder of Ewald Bandixen 1974

Gunfire At the Holiday Inn: Murders of Danny Peters and Luis Trujillo, Jr. 1974

Outside the Welcome Inn: Murder of Judith Reed 1974

Cold Deep Waters: Murder of Connie Craft 1975

Death on the Way to Sturgis: Murder of James M. Bailey 1975

Dying For Drugs: Murder of Terry Vanden Hull 1975

The Neighbors: Murder of Hulda Emma Fischer 1975 Written by David Jindrich

The Shy, Quiet Victim: Murder of Emma Lewis 1976

Good Neighborhood Kid: Murder of Ronald Butler 1977

Death at the Morticians’ Convention: Murders of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison 1980

Thrown Away: Murder of Sandra Jo Pittman 1980

A Mother Never Forgotten: Murder of Angela Altman 1981

When the Dogs Didn’t Bark: Murder of Robert Clary 1982

Forgotten and Unsolved: Murder of Melvin Royale Adams 1983

The Scarred Man: Murder of Arnold Sansgaard 1984

Hired Killer: Murder of Mary Ann Green 1987

The Dead Suspect: Murder of Traci Ann Eleson 1997

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