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This website is constantly expanding. New stories of historic Iowa unsolved homicides are frequently added. Click on titles below to read the most recent articles.

A Dream of Murder: Mysterious Disappearance of Mr. Thomas 1857

The Broken Clevis: Murder of Samuel Cronk 1867

The Insane Tramp: Murder of Will Sargent 1897

The Irish Carpenter: Murder of William Martin 1885

“Foully Treated”: Murder of Thomas McGary 1892

Dead In a Cornfield: Murder of David Conners 1895

“Furiously Angry”: Murder of Wesley Wilson 1894

The Well Digger: Murder of Peter Hendrickson 1895

“Lilies of Soul-Less Sin”: Murders of Max Noack and Ora Minter 1895

The Frozen Body: Murder of James Edgar “Ed” Knotts 1895

“Sensational and Cold-Blooded Affair”: Murder of Arthur Mead 1903

Bullied and Bantered: Unresolved Murder of Jesse Wilkerson 1869

Lynch Law: Murder of Reuben Proctor 1877

The Brave Girl: Murder of Augusta Kading 1877

Highwaymen: Murders of Andrew and Nancy Casteel 1856

The Poisoned Family: Rhode-Elefson Murders 1948-1949 (new content added)

Death by Politics: Unresolved Murder of Silas McCart 1860

The Burning Shack: Murder of Martin Cummins 1925

65 Cents: Murder of “Smitty” Smith 1924

Too Long at the Fair: Murder of Robert McQuestian 1873

Mistaken Identity: Murder of Peter Ross 1909

Mangled Bodies: Murders of Jack Wilson and Con Matthews 1899

The Dead Bulgarian: Murder of Welio Tsnoff 1910

“A Miserly Life”: Suspicious Death of Gideon Hall 1884

The Wrong Man: Murder of Joseph Hair 1888

Undercover: Murder of Louis H. Dayton 1929

“Violent Excitement”: Murder of Robert Lee Clingan 1883

Gun Battle in the Night: Murder of Virgil Untied 1931

“Love and Absence of Love”: Suspicious Death Of William F. Lewis 1903

“Brutal Killer”: Murders of Beverly Brenneman and Ruby Ciler 1953

The Gun in the Privy: Murder of Louisa Fritzsche 1893

The Poison Strawberry: Murder of Lelia Long 1896

Delirium Tremens: Suspicious Death of Sam Anderson 1901

Gas Light: Suspicious Deaths of Clara & Alfred Mellor, Jr. 1920

Mayhem: Murder of W.A. Davies 1925

Slaughter of Innocents: Sioux City Babies 1925

Dead In Bed: Murder of Thomas Tolbert 1877

“Shot Into Eternity”: Murder of John Legall 1897

Driftwood: Murder of an Unknown Child 1859

What the Medium Saw: Murder of John Pierson 1904

Under the Willows: Murder of John Doe 1904

Pointblank: Unavenged Murder of James Alfrey 1866

The Big Swede: Murder of Carl Axel Deer 1925

Blood in the Barn: Suspicious Death of John L. Rogers 1915

The Cooler: Suspicious Death of David T. Todd 1887

Drinking Bout: Suspicious Death of John F. Brennan 1898

“Living Funeral Pyre”: Murder of Jerome Curran 1897

“That Old —“: Murder of John Rohrer 1893

Boxcar Hanging: Murder of Leopold Glatzer 1895

The Battered Corpse: Murder of John Doe 1858

The Fatal Glass of Beer: Murder of George Diggle 1888

Struck Down: Murder of Frank Sandquist 1904

Miller’s Toll: Murder of John Smith Ross 1869

Strictly Strychnine: Murder of John P. Stickles 1876

The White-Spotted Woman: Suspicious Death of Kate Slifer 1903

Corpse in the Pump House: Murder of Mary Gilfillan 1896

“Bones In A Haystack”: Murder of Justus Herwig 1903

Horse Medicine: Murder of James Banda 1904

The Scarred Man: Murder of Arnold Sansgaard 1984

The Money Lender: Murder of Gustav Rechfus 1881

A Spoonful of Medicine Makes the Poison Go Down: Murder of Sarah Kirker 1897

Apparition: Murder of Edward Hughes 1898

Poison Kiss: Murder of Edwin Hodges 1869

Two Coffins: Death of Mary and Murder of Eli T. Coffin 1873

Assassination: Murders of Lizzie and Andrew Brownlie 1874

Unwitnessed: Murder of Washington Irving Crow 1875

Stealing Away: Murder of John Ford 1880

Death in the Rail Yard: Murder of Bill Dayton 1894

The Tramp at Breakfast: Murder of Andrew Hart 1896

Acting Oddly: Murder of Daniel Kelleher 1904

The Beckoning Hand: Murder of Alma Harrison 1905

Coldblooded Desperado: Murder of Officer George W. Wilson 1907

Dark Byway: Murder of Marshal Joseph Kashmetter (Kashmitter) 1911

Who Killed the Corn Canning Czar? Murder of Henry Chavis 1948 (update added)

Brothel Double Homicide: Murders of Willard Woodring and Richard Buchanan 1960 (update added)

The Neighbors: Murder of Hulda Emma Fischer 1975 — Written by David Jindrich

The Dead Suspect: Murder of Traci Ann Evenson 1997


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