Dead In a Corn Field: Murder of David Conners 1895

Murder Victim

David “Dave” Conners
Cause of Death: Gunshot Wounds
Motive: Unknown

Murder Scene and Date

Corn Field
Conners Farm
Near Lenox
Adams County
September 10, 1895


By Nancy Bowers
Written August 2017

Location of Lenox, Iowa

In the early fall of 1895, David “Dave” Conners, a wealthy bachelor farmer who lived alone near Lenox in Adams County, suddenly went missing. He was last seen on September 10.

Becoming quite concerned for Conners’s welfare after a week passed, neighbors and friends formed a search party to explore the area surrounding his farm in hopes of locating him.

After two days of tramping and looking, searchers found Dave Conners’s dead body lying in one of his own corn fields.

from the Burlington Hawk-Eye

Wounds over his right eye and in his shoulder appeared to have been caused by gunshots. No weapon was found, leading authorities to conclude Conners was murdered by an unknown party or parties.

The Hull Index noted that Dave Conner lived in “well-to-do circumstances”; however, he did not appear to have been robbed.


Please note: Use of information from this article should credit Nancy Bowers as the author and Iowa Unsolved Murders: Historic Cases as the source.



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