Note in the Stocking: Murder of Kate Slifer 1903

Murder Victim

Kate Poleen Rodd Slifer

Murder Scene and Date

Montrose Township
Whitten, Iowa
Hardin County
December 19, 1903


By Nancy Bowers
July 2012

Kate Slifer

The story had all the ingredients of a Gothic novel.

A beautiful young bride discovered dead in bed, her husband “raising the alarm” throughout the house.

Directions allegedly found in the toe of the dead woman’s stocking that led to a purported suicide note hidden in an obscure place.

Chloroform. An exhumation. A “disfiguring” disease believed to indicate insanity.

A sensational trial of a husband who collapsed when arrested.

Even an early form of “photoshopping.”

All the sensation details of the murder of 23-year-old Kate Slifer are coming soon. Check back in the next few days.

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