WWII to the Age of Aquarius: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1941-1965


Click on a title below to read about defenseless victims, heartless killers, and unfathomable motives associated with historical Iowa unsolved murders from just after WWII through 1965.

All the following articles were researched and written by Nancy Bowers between 2009 and the present, some with the assistance of David Jindrich.

For many of the victims, these stories were the first preservation of the facts other than newspaper articles from the time of the murders.

This is the only legally authorized site for the research and articles — many never seen before.

☛ 1946 – 1965 ☚

In the Garage: Murder of Henry Christensen 1941

Giving Away Money: Murder of John Zauhar 1947

“My God, It’s a Man”: Murder of Robert McCullough 1947

“The Tattooed Lady”: Murder of Margaret Treese 1947

After a Game of Bridge: Murder of Anne M. McGrevey 1948

The Poisoned Family: Rhode-Elefson Murders 1948-1949

Who Killed the Corn Canning Czar? Murder of Henry Chavis 1948

The Defective Shotgun: Murders of Claud and Anna Miller 1949

Shock: Suspicious Death of Neva Andrews 1950

Taxi Ride to Death: Murder of George Massouris 1950

The Widow in the Alley: Murder of Lillian Chapman 1950

Cab in the Snow-Filled Ditch: Murder of Leon Groves 1951

“Brutal Killer”: Murders of Beverly Brenneman and Ruby Ciler 1953

Under the Court Avenue Bridge: Murder of Charles Sanders 1954

“Maniac” in the Drugstore: Murder of Lucille Bacher 1955

On the Front Porch: Murder of Rose Grandanette 1958

The Aspiring Actress: Murder of Marlene Padfield 1959

Death in a Cubicle: Murder of Fred Coste 1959

Brothel Double Homicide: Murders of Willard Woodring and Richard Buchanan 1960

A Daughter’s Quest For Justice: Murder of Clarence Raymond Case: 1961

Explosion in the Night: Murder of William Meadows 1961

Burning Murder?: Death of Lucille DeVries 1962

Cold-Blooded Sadistic Type”: Murder of Ramona Jean Cox 1962

Nearly Home: Murder of Anna Marie Medici 1962

“Right Place, Wrong Time”: Murder of Edward Kriz 1962

Below Zero: Murder of George Geary 1963

Burning Mystery: Murder of Henry Hults 1963

Deadly Shot: Murder of Roscoe D. Harris 1963

Bound and Gagged: Murder of Francis Rafferty 1964

Among the Tropical Fish: Murder of Myrtle Cumpston 1965

Cold Night Out: Murder of Donald Nervig 1965

Mother’s Day Death: Murder of Lillian Randolph 1965

“A Real Nice Girl”: Murder of Janice Snow 1965

Valentine Death: Murder of Catherine Decora 1965

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